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Join BitPool Test2Earn

Put your skills to test while you earn
Campaign Ends
  • Total Prize Pool: $10,000
  • Allocations: BUSD, CAKE, USDT , BITP & Paypal
  • Participate for Free!

How to Participate?

  • Join BitPool at BitPool.gg or click the link below
  • Participants get 3 Free Quest Credits (QC)
  • Browse through various BitPool AI (BAI) 8-Ball Pool Quests
  • Accept BITP Quests for free
  • Accept other Quests using your QC

BitPool Game Info (Beta)

  • Game Type Billard
  • Mode Single Player
  • Difficulty Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Cryptocurrencies to earn BUSD, CAKE, USDT, BITP
  • Coming Soon Multiplayer Challenge, NFT Assets & more

Game Index

BitPool is an innovative, web3-powered play and earn 8-ball pool game that combines the excitement of real-world gaming with the security and transparency of blockchain technology. Built on the BitSport platform, BitPool offers a unique gaming experience that's powered by AI and enhanced with blockchain technology. Players can participate in multiplayer duels, stake their tokens, and win rewards, all while enjoying the game they love. BitPool also features an NFT marketplace for in-game assets, providing players with a new way to collect and trade unique digital items. With a user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay, BitPool is the perfect game for crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike.


Join the Test2Earn Campaign - Accept & Play BitPool AI (BAI) using QC to win from BUSD, USDT, CAKE, & PAYPAL $10,000 Quest Pools. Test2Earn and give feedbacks as we roll-out more features.

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