Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

P2P Tournaments

Create, Join, Stake or Sponsor a P2P Tournament. Earn BTP rewards and Wrapped NFT's . Unlock ownership rights to Bitsport tourneys. Own your Victory!


Back your favorite gamers & influencers, Stake on P2P matches on several eSport titles. Unlock exponential LP rewards with Bitsport high yield DeFi Matches


Mint / Meet your mysterious gamer on the MetaVerse. BitSport NFT IGO (Initial Gamers Offering) is a great way to power up and earn alongside iconic gamers in the MetaVerse. Connect your wallet to mint your favourite gamer's BitSport NFT-IGO Cards.

DeFi Dare

Dare opponents from around the world in a first of it's kind DeFi low stake P2P challenges. Game your way to the top, earn rare NFT avatars to unlock rewards and more.

LP Thrust

Receive LP token rewards from Bitsport trading and system transaction fees. LP Pool Ranch features standard token rewards, as well promotional rewards of other partnered projects to ensure that LP providers always are rewarded for their support of the platform.

Competitive eSports matches for real rewards via BitSport.

Gamers at the core of Value.

Gamers come first at BitSport, without support from the gaming community the platform will never be able to thrive. With gamers in mind, BitSport offers competitive eSports matches for real rewards. Currently in the active industry-standard stream of value, gamers are constantly paying more for less and the gap keeps widening.
  • Previously large eSport competitions have been reserved for wealthy nations, leaving the rest of the world unable to compete for the lucrative rewards. With BitSport gamers have a chance to bring value back into their pockets in a reliable manner, by staking crypto into DeFi fueled matches users can supply tokens to stake against another user.
  • The platform offers a framework for sponsorships and endorsements to happen in smart contracts, allowing them to be enacted out in a trustless and transparent environment. This will make sure players can feel confident in the deals they strike with no predatory behavior being tolerated. Competitions sponsorship rights will be bought via NFTs with tokens locked inside that are distributed to the players depending on how they fare.

Stay Ahed of the GAME, Prove your Grounds

BitSport is pioneering new grounds, changing how gamers can #earn while they #play. The BitSport Platform hosts a roster of original match models, leveraging DeFi technology to bring users the most value. Port into eSports next-generation proving grounds, it’s your time to level up.

Meet / Mint your Mysterious Gamer on the MetaVerse

More than just NFT's. Mint, power up, earn alongside your favorite gamers in the Metaverse.
Earn auto shared dividends and constant rewards on lifetime earnings off your IGO Icons on BitSport, just by holding their NFT-IGO Cards in your wallet. BitSport NFT-IGO Cards are the first ever dividends / rewards backed supercharged NFTs; Now we have reasons to hold NFT's!
  • Mint BitSport NFT-IGO Cards
  • Earn Infinite Dividends
  • Powerup your Gamers
  • Exclusive Access to your Icons

Gaming is Evolving
Be Ever Ready to Evolve

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