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What is BitPool ?
BitPool is the world’s first cross platform web3 8 ball pool game that is accessible on any device with internet & browser. Accessible and played interoperably on mobile, PC, iPad, Tablet and even smart TVs.

What is BAI (BitPool AI) ?
BAI is the BitPool AI that auto generates $BITP, $USDT, $BUSD & $CAKE quests for users to play & earn.

What is Quest Credit & QC ?
Quest Credits or QC are BitPool’s In-game credits that you need to have before you can accept Quests against BAI to earn $BUSD, $USDT, $CAKE, $BITP & PAYPAL.

What is a Challenge / Multiplayer mode?
Users can send BitPool challenges to eachother by usernames or make them an open challenge to be listed in Pool Arena.

What is Pool Arena?
Pool Arena is where you find all open challenges created by other users to accept, play & earn

What crypto / rewards can I earn from playing BAI & other players?
$BITP, $USDT, $BUSD, $CAKE & Paypal

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