Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BitSport and BitPlay?

    BitSport is one of the first ever decentralized peer to peer competitive eSports platform which proffers several use-cases for gamers and eSports enthusiasts to monetize their time and gaming efforts in a trustless and transparent fashion.

    BitPlay is the governance ecosystem which powers several DApps (Decentralized Applications), aiding monetization for Gaming and eSports on a wider spectrum.
  • What is BTP and BFI?

    BTP is the governance cryptocurrency of the BitPlay ecosystem and DApps while BFI is the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) currency that powers several DeFi functions and protocols on BitSport. BTP and BFI would be usable across several chains starting with the Ethereum (ERC20) Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).
  • What are P2P challenges?

    Peer to Peer Challenges allow gamers to capitalize off their skills off their chosen titles. These challenges are open to anyone and are fueled by BTP. Matches are created by users with BTP, and rewards are allocated in BTP. Gamers will be able to inspect their opponents stats profile, and accept along with reject challenges.
  • What are P2P Matches?

    Peer to Peer challenges allow the community to back their choice professionals and influencers in the industry to and stake on the behalf of their picks. Creating a match pool of BTP that is shared by watchers and players alike. This BTP is then locked in a trustless smart contract, to be allocated by the outcome of the match determined by the size of each contestants pool.
  • What are Locked Liquidity Matches

    Locked Liquidity Matches allow for BitSport to incentivize and drive engagement through low entry stakes Locked Liquidity matches where a BFI entry is required at a predetermined ratio between contestants. The opponents or teams will proceed to compete in their chosen digital realm. The winners of the match will receive their BFI tokens plus interest for winning. The losing party will have their tokens locked into a smart contract and held for 14 day intervals with increased rewards in BTP for longer lock times. This feature is to limit the flow of tokens onto exchanges and promote price stability, another facet of BitSport to promote anti-fragility.
  • What's BitSport Value proposition?

    BitSport is here to level the playing field and bring new value to not just gamers in highly developed nations, but anywhere there is access to the internet and device to play with. These added-value streams could be substantial sources of revenue for gamers without ever having to leave their house.
  • What's BitSport community gauntlet

    With BitSport - we bring you the Community Gauntlet, where gamers are able to demand the type of entertainment they want. Here BitSport will host tournaments, and high-stakes matches amongst influencers. These matches can be community driven through voting, or opened by sponsors to create their own custom tournaments to suit their specific use case. These curated gaming events will then be featured on our Community Gauntlet section on
  • What's BitSport Finance?

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is moving mountains in the financial space, changing our perception of how we can use digital assets, creating a myriad of creative solutions to intercept the dependency on banks we all currently rely on in the modern economic world. BitSport is aiming to become the first to market to merge DeFi, with a decentralized gaming economy.
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