BitSport Challenges


Peer to Peer Challenges allow gamers to capitalize off their skills off their chosen titles. These challenges are open to anyone and are fueled by BTP

DeFi Challenge Duel

Using DeFi protocols we can supersede previous gaming models when combined with valuable assets. No longer will losers feel like losers, as their tokens are locked into positions with added BTP bonuses plus the rewards offered by the pools their tokens end up.

Challenge or Get Challenged

You think you got what it takes to challenge anyone from around the world on your favorite titles, create a challenge, browse challenges or challenge a friend

Transparent Rewards

BitSport runs on DeFi, and DeFi runs on incentivization. To ensure rewards are suitable, and the platform can direct and create the most ideal circumstances for users, there will be allocations set aside to fund and fuel lucrative behaviors

Challenge or Accept that Challenge

Challenge your self to new opportunities

  • BitSport challenge is a great way to monetize your gaming skills by testing your turf against another opponents via staking BTP tokens in DeFi controlled pools.
  • With BitSport gamers have a chance to bring value back into their pockets in a reliable manner, by staking crypto into DeFi fueled matches users can supply tokens to stake against another user